Monday, June 25, 2012

A Quick CLZ Comics Software Review

  So. When last we spoke I was organizing my comic collection. It took me a while and a lot more extra boxes than I expected, but I finally managed to get everything organized and alphabetized. After doing all this work I thought "There must be a 21st Century way to keep track of all this stuff.
   A little Googling lead me to a program called "CLZ Comics". Its an utility that will inventory your comic collection. Although pricey for the casual collector, it looked quite useful. I took a chance and plunked down the $45.00.
   Inputting the information can be a tad time consuming. I did my collection which stands at about five thousand comics over the course of two weeks. I put in about 30 or 40 minutes a night. The hardest part was writing everything down on paper so I could sit at my desk and input the data. All in all it wasn't such a labor as I got to take a look at books I haven't seen in years. In the end it was a lot of fun.
   I was seriously impressed with how many small indie books were in the database. I have some seriously obscure, small press titles dating back to the 80's, and everything was there. Some publication info is missing from books that really should be in there though. I've had to enter a lot of info on my "Tales to Astonish" collection, but that info can be uploaded to the database so the next poor slob wont have the same issues. You can also add personal notes and and conditions to your comics.
   One cool feature is you can get the mobile app. It works with the main software and allows you to import your entire collection's cover images, story details, publication info as well as the creators that worked on the books vial Wi-Fi. There is also a wish list function that is a big help while you're at a comic shop or convention. This has been a big help to me lately as I've decided to pursue a complete run of "The Incredible Hulk". More on that in future blog entries.
   The down side of the app is at $10.00, it is expensive. I don't like that you cannot update your wish list on your mobile device either. This serious flaw has caused me to buy a few duplicate books. Its annoying but I suppose I should have checked my bag to see if I'd already purchased a book I needed from another vendor. Still it would be nice if the app had an "Edit Wish List" function. Maybe one will be added in an update. It can also be a bit buggy. Nothing serious though. For what the app does it should really be included in the purchase price of the software.
   All in all, I would say that the software is quite helpful. Its helped settle a few disagreements on who penciled "Blah-Man issue 4976" or “That book came out in 19--!” It's nice to be able to upload your collection to the internet for sharing with your friends. I'd say if you're serious about managing your collection Check it out. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Disorganization Batman!

I recently went to war with my unboxed comics. I bought two long boxes to clean up the mess. After sorting and boxing I realized I needed two more boxes. More sorting and boxing... I had no idea I had so many Spiderman books. I've never been a regular Spidey reader but he ended up with his own box! An honor until now only held by The Hulk. Last night I came to the conclusion I need at least one more box... Maybe two just to be safe.. Crazy how these things pile up on you.

Monday, January 9, 2012


This blog has been up for close to a year and I just realized (due to my wife pointing it out to me) I spelled "weird" wrong.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Werewolf Fans Rejoice!

Well looks like I managed to string two together and submit another post. Other than walk the dog I really have not managed to do much today. I do have some good news though. Today while checking an old post on Amazon I found out that Author of "The Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter"
When the Autumn Moon Is Bright: The Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter
Brian Easton has finally set up a Facebook page. A while back I posted on Amazon that he was a bit of a recluse and I was unable to find any info on him or the release of the third book in his series. Seems Mr. Easton read my post and deemed to create a fan page on Facebook. This is great news because he informed fans of the reprinting the first two books of his series by Permuted Press. Permuted is a small publishing house specializing in "apocalyptic literature". They have a fantastic stable of writers and will enjoy watching them grow to more prominence in the publishing world. The goodly Mr. Easton also confirmed that he is working on the third installment of his action packed and ultra spooky series. I really can’t give a higher recommendation than Easton’s series. If you are a fan of horror fiction, you really should check out this series once Permuted gets them back on the shelves.
Thats all for now. Untill next time, "Keep off the moors".

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here I Am

Born out of an idol conversation with my wife over a gyro at our local diner, is my blog. At the moment I don’t have a focus so you the victim errr reader will be subjected to some boring day to day musings. I may also try my hand at some amateur literary criticism. I've been reading a lot of Robert E. Howard lately and I think I may have some opinions and thoughts to share. Without further ado... Today in an effort to get out of the house before it started to rain, again, And to catch up on my comic reading I took a ride with my lovely missus to the comic book store. It had been several months since I'd last been there so I ended up shelling out close to $100 bucks for what is pretty much my only vice these days. Once my wife sees that on the Amex bill I'm going to hear it I'm sure. But I digress... Right now my monthly reading consists basically of Avengers and Hulk titles. Being a bit behind I suppose my next post may be a run down on what I thought of Fall of Hulks. Well we will see where this goes. If this is my only entry I'd like to say thanks for checking me out but if not hopefully I can entertain, aggravate, or amuse you...